Basic Pricing for Prints


I provide a wide range of printing services, including printing your digital images and preparing files that you provide for printing. You need to provide the digital files to me of work that you would like to be printed. I currently have capability to produce prints up to 44 inches wide on the short end, which means that I can print very large prints (e.g., 40×60 inch prints). I can also provide panoramic prints of almost any length - please inquire about your particular needs. I print both color and black & white images.

These prices include resizing and sharpening for output and other basic preparation for printing, but do not include more substantive Photoshop work such as correction of enlargement issues, dust spotting, contrast adjustments, dodging and burning, or the like. Such additional work is billed at my standard billing rate of $75/hr. If you prefer, I will print your images “as is” with no manipulation.

Pricing is based on the amount of paper used, including border areas. For cut sheets 17"x22" and smaller, the price will be based on a set price for the particular size of paper (as seen below). For prints larger than 17"x22" paper size, I charge $25/square foot ($0.1736/square inch) of finished print. For a very limited set of papers, 24"x30" cut sheets are also available.

Most of my clients prefer high quality art papers and these prices include your choice of almost any available paper.

If you would like pricing for a specific size, please contact me for a specific quote. Discounts for large volumes may be available and please inquire about shipping & handling charges.

I will create a proof print of your image on your selected paper before creation of a larger print upon request. Proof prints are $18 for a proof on 8 1/2"x11" paper. I recommend proof prints in all cases, particularly for new clients, and purchasing a large print without proofing first is at the risk of the client.

For new clients, I require a minimum first order of $50 or more (except for Paper Sample Packs as described below).

Print Pricing for Cut-Sheet Papers

8 1/2"×11" CUT SHEET -- $18/print ($15/print for subsequent of same print in same order)
11"x17" CUT SHEET -- $30/print ($25/print for subsequent)
13"×19" CUT SHEET -- $40/print ($35/print for subsequent)
17"×22" CUT SHEET -- $55/print ($48/print for subsequent)

Pricing for prints on papers larger than 17"x22" is based on $25/sq. ft. paper area (image + border). Example size and prices are:

20"x20" paper area -- $69.44
20"×30" paper area -- $104.17
24"x24" -- $100.00
24"x30" -- $125.00
24"×36" -- $150.00
30"×45" -- $234.38

Pricing for Special Printing Options

Paper Sample Packs

I now offer sample prints using your choice of in-stock papers using your own image. Simply send me your image (please contact me for my dropbox link if so desired) and I'll print your image on your choice of any three of my papers for $40.00 (plus shipping and tax as necessary). This is a perfect way to find out what type of paper might work best for your image.


I offer in-person printing where you, as the artist, can work with me here in person as we edit and print your images. The price for this service is the sum of my teaching/consulting rate for the schedule time and half the cost of any prints that we make that are cut sheet prints of 17"x22" or less (and the full cost of any larger prints).


I now offer deckling of fine art prints for a fixed price of $5/print. A deckled print is a print that has one or more edges that are torn instead of being a straight edge. Because of its historical origins, deckling is often associated with fine art papers and deckling of paper edges can add an organic feel to a digital print. While the effect can be overdone, I’ve found that selective deckling can emphasize the ‘print as object’ feel of a digital print. A deckled print is typically framed with the edges showing, such as by being dry mounted without an overmat. Deckled prints can also improve the aesthetic “presence” of a print intended for hanging on a wall without a frame.

I can deckle one, two, three, or four edges of your print. In some cases, we may have to print a larger border to give more room to make the tear. I also prefer to use thicker matte papers for aesthetic reasons, and usually textured ‘meatier’ ones, though the process will work on almost any paper.