Digital Imaging Overview


In order to digitally print your image, a digital file of that image is needed. As a practicing photographer, I can photograph your artwork to create a digital copy suitable for printing, electronic distribution, or other purposes. I also provide a wide range of commercial photography services, including photographing your locations or artwork. I am happy to provide a free estimate or bid for larger jobs.

For some work, scanning is a more appropriate means of digitizing your artwork.

I also provide advanced custom Photoshop work. Beyond my restoration and print preparation services, I can perform a wide variety of tasks on your digital images. Please contact me with any specific needs. All services not otherwise listed here or specifically bid are performed at a rate of $50/hr plus the cost of any non-standard materials.


I provide a wide variety of digital restoration services including restoration of older or damaged photographs. I have restored hundreds of images, both black & white and color. Photo restoration typically involves scanning of your photograph (or slide, or negative, etc.) and then performing Photoshop work to digitally repair any damage, fading or color change, or anything else. Because the restoration process is performed digitally, this type of restoration does not damage your original in any fashion.

My pricing for digital restoration is $50/hr plus the cost of any scans. The amount of time it takes to restore a photograph or other work varies greatly, however, depending on the nature of the damage and your desired level of restoration. A relatively simple restoration (e.g., removing a color cast in a faded 1970′s image or light retouching) might only take 15 minutes while a torn and faded image that requires major work may take hours. I’m happy to provide a free estimate for any restorations so that can know beforehand approximately how much a restoration will cost.

I will also provide a digital copy of the restored piece free of charge with the restoration and you can, of course, also order prints of your restored photograph or anything else from me.


I provide scanning services to digitize your flat artwork, slides, or negatives using my flatbed and dedicated film scanners. After you provide me the item to scan, I will scan it and provide the resulting files to you either via DVD or online distribution. I also provide printing or photo restoration services if you so desire.

Using the flatbed scanner, I directly scan letter-sized or smaller photographs or other flat artwork easily. I also scan larger images by performing multiple scans and digitally stitching together the results, a process that requires more time than a single scan but typically provides great results. I also use the flatbed scanner to scan 4×5 inch large format negatives.

Using the Nikon 9000 dedicated film scanner, I provide high quality, high resolution scans (approaching drum scan quality) of your 35mm and medium format negatives and slides.

Pricing for scans depend on the item:

Scan Pricing

Scans of 35mm slides or negatives – $8

Scans of medium format slides or negatives – $12

Scans of large format slides or negatives – $10

Scans of prints 8 1/2 x 11 or smaller – $10

Scans for larger prints – $10/scan + $50/hr for processing and stitching

Scan prices include only the file directly from the scanner with no correction or manipulation. Photoshop correction of color, damage repair, cropping, dust spot removal, etc. is available at $50/hr. A DVD or online distribution is provided for free with any of the above services.

I have extensive experience scanning Kodachrome slides. My scanner, the Nikon 9000, is particularly suited for scanning these notoriously difficult transparencies. Because of the particular difficulties in scanning Kodachromes, I perform post-processing, including spot removal and color correction, for a total fixed price of $15/slide.

Please contact me for bulk scanning prices.