I provide custom black & white printing for customers using techniques tailored to their particular needs and artistic intent.

For many customers, I use the excellent B&W capability inherent in the latest Epson printers using its Advanced Black & White (ABW) mode. This method uses 3 shades of black ink plus traces of color inks (all inks being from the manufacturer) to provide excellent B&W prints with almost any shade, ranging from warm to cold, sepia to neutral to selenium, and everything in between.

For other customers, I utilize more specialized B&W solutions. One solution that I offer is a 7-ink solution with a rich selenium tone (the Selenium K7 inkset) available from Jon Cone’s B&W specialty company in Vermont, Inkjetmall. I have also recently added a similar Warm Neutral 7-ink inkset. Both the Selenium and Warm Neutral inksets may be used with both matte and luster/glossy papers.

Cone’s B&W solutions (known as Piezography) are known industry-wide as offering incredible tonality and sharpness along with superior archival characteristics. The prints using these inks are absolutely stunning and matte prints using these solutions are perhaps closest in character to traditional platinum prints in their range of tones. Because these inksets use pure carbon inks and do not use color inks, the shades available are more limited than the Epson solution. Please contact me if you would like to discuss which shades are available and whether this solution will meet your needs.

Any paper that can be used for color printing may also be used for B&W printing, providing the utmost in flexibility in choosing glossy vs. matte, paper color, texture, or other paper characteristics.

Whether your source image is on an old negative, silver gelatin print, or a digital file, I can provide custom B&W printing to meet any needs.