From my studio in Camden, Maine, I prepare and print fine art photographic prints or limited edition reproductions of paintings or other artwork on a vast selection of papers.

By handcrafting each print, I can provide digital fine art prints to satisfy any criteria. You can find out more here.

Fine ART Printing book

My new book, Fine Art Inkjet Printing: The Craft and Art of the Fine Digital Print, was published by Rocky Nook in 2017. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a signed copy, and regular printed books and e-books are available from Rocky Nook and the normal online retailers.


I teach a variety of digital printing courses through Maine Media Workshops, and I'm also available for personalized one-on-one or small group workshops on digital printing or imaging.

You can find out more here.

About Nickelson Editions

I started printing for others in 2007 and launched Nickelson Editions in early 2009 to specialize in the creation of fine art digital prints. I am based in beautiful Camden, Maine and work with clients all across the country and world.

I began creating fine art digital prints for my own photography in response to dissatisfaction with the quality of prints I was receiving from professional labs. Once I discovered the quality and level of control attainable with the most recent technology, I focused on the long path of learning how to extract the most quality from my own prints. As I work with more and more artists of widely different styles and mediums, I continue to learn new techniques and skills that assist me with all of my work.

In addition to printing for artists, I devote significant time to photographic education as well as my own fine art photography practice.


“The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance. Each performance differs in subtle ways.” – Ansel Adams

The mission of Nickelson Editions is to collaborate with artists to create exhibition-quality fine digital prints that realize the artistic intent of each artist. I will work with each artist individually and perform all processing and printing myself to accomplish this goal.

Nickelson Editions is also committed to being a champion for the fine art digital print and its continued relevance in the face of technological and societal changes. As part of this mission, Nickelson Editions serves as a resource for information about digital printing for the art community as well as the public at large.

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